Charcha / FlixAdda: Help Section

Help section. How to use the videoconferencing app. Some commonly occurring errors and their resolution.

Charcha (चर्चा, pronounced as /carcā/) means discussion in Hindi. Charcha-VC is a 'Made in India' platform to conduct videoconferences.

FlixAdda is an app where one can watch videos together with friends and family.

Commonly encountered issues

We give complete attention to make our app free of bugs and issues, so that you get best experience while using the app. However, when things want to go wrong, they will go wrong. We will be glad if you report errors or issues you encounter while using charcha app. Please feel free to drop an email to


Click on the "lock" icon of the address bar of your browser tab

Click on the "site settings". This dropdown may appear differently on different browsers.

After clicking on "Site settings", a new tab will open with site specific settings. Since you are getting the webcam overconstrained error, the webcam permission could be set to "Block". Change the webcam settings to "Allow" or "Ask". If you select "Ask" which is a default permission, you will be prompted to give permission everytime you join a meeting. If you select "Allow", the app won't prompt you, but will notify you that the webcam is on when joining the meeting.

Select "Allow" and thats it. You should no longer get the webcam "overconstrained error".

On firefox, it will appear as below. Click on "right faced chevron" next to "Connection secure".

Then click on "More Information".

Click on "Permissions" tab, and scroll down to find "Use the Camera" settings. Make sure that you have correct permissions set for webcam and mic. It should be either "Always Ask" or "Allow".

If you still face this error, drop an email at

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