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flixadda Apr 13, 2020

We all love to spend time with our friends and loved ones. Spending time with them becomes one of the most cherished moments of our life. There are many ways to spend with them like watching a movie together or discussing the news you recently watched and many more. However, the world is developing very fast. In these modern days, everyone is busy with their schedule, which prevents quality time with your loved ones.

Keeping this in mind, FlixAdda created a platform where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. We are dedicated to the people, who are living far away from their loved ones due to work or the recent COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

With FlixAdda app, you can watch a movie together in real time with your friends. Just start an adda, choose a movie or a video from your computer and start streaming. Share the page link with your friends, and ask them to join the movie party.

Do you want to watch and discuss the news with your political companions?

Do you want to share your thoughts while watching it? Don’t worry. FlixAdda is the perfect place for that. You can easily create a room for watching the news by pouring mobile application. You can also invite your politically inclined friends with the link to your adda. And don't forget to have healthy debate!

Its not just that. do you like to review that new episode of your favorite TV show. stream it here, and tell your friends how you feel about it.

Want to make a plan for a movie?

Our app, offers you means where you can watch a movie with your loved ones. The most unique things are that you can create a room within a few minutes and add everyone. Also, unlike the cinema halls, you can schedule the movie.

Engage your kids, let them watch cartoons with their friends

On FlixAdda kids can watch cartoons with their friends anytime you want. You can watch a wide variety of kids cartoon anywhere and anytime.

We created this app with lots of utility, but one thing in mind: Watching it together. Pull out the movies stored on your hard drive, stream it on FlixAdda, and enjoy the show.

So, huddle online and watch together!

Visit https://app.flixadda.in and get started.

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