How it works?

how-it-works Apr 12, 2020

First step is to register either using your Facebook account, or any valid email address. After verifying your registration, getting started is very easy and intuitive.

FlixAdda lets you turn your computer into a entertainment broadcast center. You can share movies, music, or videos, from your device and watch together with your friends in real time. You could start by hosting a room. Click on "Start" button to host an "Adda" with the content from your personal device.

Starting an adda is as easy as clicking on Start button

Or you can also start your "Adda" with an online video stream available from the app. Once you are live, you can start inviting your friends. Click on your favorite social network icon, and share the "Adda" web address with your friends.

Once the adda is live, the host of the adda has several options. You can make the adda public or private by clicking on the "lock" icon that is seen on the left middle edge of the window. When you make the adda public, it will appear on the search results, and anybody could join it. A private adda is not listed for public to join.

All your friends who join adda will appear with their video/audio at the right side of the layout. You may make any of your friend a host of your adda by clicking on the "ribbon" icon appearing on their video feed.

There is an option to edit the default title and default description. You can be creative here or build a brand of your own.

To continue, you can choose a different video which can either be from your personal device or from FlixAdda collection. To do this, click on the "Change" button. A pop-up will appear and you can choose a different source.

Click on different tabs to choose your favorite stream. Click on the tab "local" to choose a new video file from your personal device.

If you want to keep it quite, you can request all the participants to mute their mic and communicate through the text chat messages.

If you don't want to be host, and are here to watch a movie hosted by your friend all you need to do is join the room. Relax and enjoy the company of your wonderful friends.

Hope you have a wonderful experience and joyful time at

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