Karaoke party with friends

flixadda Apr 22, 2020

Nothing brings cheer to mind other than a Karaoke party with friends. It brings that much needed enthusiasm, weaved together with joy of togetherness. This social ritual helps you unleash your inner talent, no matter how good or bad singer you are. Karaoke party is that instrument that helps in bond with friends and family. At FlixAdda, we introduce a new way to have a Karaoke party with your friends.

If you have a karaoke track on your computer, you can host a karaoke party in no time. Log on to FlixAdda, click on "Start" button to start your adda. Share the link with your friends, and ask them to join your adda. Once they join, choose your favorite track from your device, stream it live to your friends. They will see exactly same lyrics or video frame, as you would see on your screen.

Start singing along with the song, while your friends enjoy your melodious voice. Well not always, but if they love you, they will listen to you.

You can change the host of your adda, so that your other friends can play their favorite track and sing along while you appreciate their singing.

For you to get started, we have uploaded few melodious track on our app. Search for karaoke, and choose any of the track you like.

Here is the list of the tracks:

Karaoke Chanda chamke
Karaoke Ek pyaar ka nagma hai
Karaoke Galiyaan
Karaoke Heer
Karaoke Hamko hamhi se
Karaoke Jab se tere naina
Karaoke Jeena Jeena
Karaoke Kabhi jo badal barse
Karaoke Kal ho na ho
Karaoke Lag jaa gale
Karaoke Mein rang sharbato ka
Karaoke Pal Pal dil ke paas
Karaoke Soch na sake
Karaoke Sun raha hai na tu
Karaoke Sun raha hai na tu
Karaoke Teri Ore
Karaoke Tum hi ho
Karaoke Tumko dekha to
Karaoke Tumse hi

So, have a great one, right away!!

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