Look beautiful this Navratri season

dandiya Oct 19, 2020

Come early winter in India, it's the season of festivals. The most awaited festival which is celebrated with great joy and cheer, especially by youngsters, is Navratri. Navaratri translates to "festival of nine nights”.

One of the first things that comes to mind thinking about  Navratri is Dandiya and Garba night and how to get the perfect look for it. I have shared a few tips and some youtube links to help you perfect the festive look.

In fact it is also a dilemma when we try these tips whether we are doing it right and it is always recommended to watch it together with some friends to discuss what you plan to  try out is right .You can use Flixadda app to connect to friends  and discuss your look together.


Without wasting much time lets jump right into  some of the tips and tricks for Navratri and Garbha makeup.

Navratri makeup should be long lasting, sweat-proof and glowy, so you can focus on Navratri dandiya night dance & festivities rather than worrying about  your makeup for 5- 6 hours at least. You can choose a cool tone or smokey look which goes perfectly well with German silver jewelry, or the traditional oxidized silver jewelry for the festival.

German silver 

Face make-up

To begin with, put on some light moisturizer and let it seep in for 30 minutes.
Start your makeup by  applying  a primer. It is important to use primer, anything you apply on primer is going to stick on better as it gives a sticky base and will stay longer.
To add an extra layer of stickiness  you can use rose primer water  on top of primer in case you want it to last longer than 5 hours.

Next is the choice of foundation. For the dandiya night, keep the layers thinner to avoid sweating . You must avoid thick layers and must  choose a light foundation which is long lasting. So look for sweat-proof and lightweight foundation options. These foundation options are readily available in almost all top brands like Lakme, Loreal etc in both online and physical stores.

To add structure to face follow it up with contouring and concealing. An important  tip here is to not apply  concealer around  the whole face;  this is to prevent  too many layers .

Conceal only the dark circles around the eyes,  to get the cover and the needed effect at the same time.
Finally you don't want your makeup to move while you dance out with full energy. Apply any loose face powder using a damp beauty sponge by pressing slowly over the complete face. This also helps in setting the entire look and adds that extra radiance.
It is important to know that if you are doing it for the first time you may need some help and you can record a video while applying makeup and watch it together with any friend to exactly discuss the point where you may be going wrong to get the flawless look. One such free to use app is FlixAdda that exactly helps you do this.
So you watch and discuss the look together with a friend or a group.

Here is one makeup video,we recommend


Eye make-up

Coming to few tips on eye makeup:

Eye make up is very essential ,especially in this Pandemic year when we may be using masks which hides the lips and any makeup done on lips. Eye makeup becomes even more essential  this year.
Fill in Sparse areas preferably use a waterproof eyebrow pencil.

Most essential tip for Navratri eye makeup is to get a cool toned look,  which is a perfect match with the German silver jewellery of Navratri accessories. To do this  use a shimmery shade like priestess option from any eyeshadow, pallets and a simply dazzle.
You can also try Smokey eye makeup which goes well with oxidized jewellery and a hand embroidered outfit of Navratri costumes. Choosing a pallet matching dupatta is also a safe option.
Finally, to complete the look and to add ethnic touch to your look  make sure to not miss out on the 3 black dots on the side of your forehead close to your eyes as well as chin using any waterproof eyeliner.
And now you are all set with flawless, lightweight  and a radiant festive makeup  and a perfect look.
In case you are not able to join the dandiya or any garba event due to pandemic or other safety reasons, don’t be disappointed. Joy of festivities are already felt when we are ready and all you need to do is to flaunt your look now .You can flaunt your look  while playing your  favourite dandiya songs by inviting friends to an adda on FlixAdda or on Charcha.
Thanks to technology there is nothing stopping you from connecting your friends and family.

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