Tumbbad | A psychological horror film

flixadda Apr 16, 2020

A new movie available for streaming on FlixAdda. Watch it here. Once you start the adda, invite friends to watch it with you. Don't let the social distancing come in between relations! Stay at home and Stay safe.

You do not find such beautifully woven movies in Bollywood every day!

The movie is surely one of the most memorable movies of my life. It was just the perfect combination, I like in a movie. It contained thriller, horror, history, and dark mythology. I am a fan of horror and thriller movies. I have seen various movies in this category in both Hollywood and Bollywood, but this movie is something else.

No matter what the plot of the movie is. The quality of narration can make a huge change. The narration in this movie was realistic. I felt the narrator was describing some past events from his life. Most Bollywood movies nowadays go against the laws of nature. They show things that can never be possible in real life. However, this movie is very realistic, and you can imagine a real-world where this can happen.

This boy steals the show!

It was great to see that the pace of the story was just fine. You never get bored with it. It never makes you feel that something is missing. The locations chosen for the scenes were great too. Even the direction, movement of the camera, and selection of angles were great. The movie got me deeply involved with the dark mythological side of our country.

A cursed town, where it never stops raining.

Most people believe that Hollywood has great VFX effects. However, this movie has proved that Bollywood can offer the same effects too as well.

It has all the elements that are required for a thriller/horror movie. No matter the times you watch the movie, you will always be surprised by the world of dark mythology. The script was realistic, and the dialogues were great! If I had to make a list of top 10 Indian horror/thriller movies, then I would have added this to my list.

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